February 20th, 2012

Ohhey Gaiz!

Name: Sabrina
Age: 22 (just turned today! ^^!)
Gender: Female
Location: US (NYS)
Favourite school uniform style: Cardigan + ribbon + pleated skirt
Favourite school uniform item: Cardigan and ribbon!


What first interested you in Japanese school uniform?
Well for starters, I'm a huge believer in public school uniforms, even before my seifuku obsession started. I honestly can't remember what got me into them, it's been so long!

Are you a cosplayer? Yes, although my seifuku came directly from Japan.

What type of school/school style uniforms do you own?
I own a pleated skirt, blouse, cardigan vest, ribbon, knee high socks, shoes from Haruta, and a school bag (I hope to get a leather one soon!)