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☆ Japanese Schooluniform Lovers ☆

Japanese School Uniform Lovers!
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This is a new journal for all things Japanese school uniform related. Whatever your reason, all fans and admirers of Japanese school uniform and school related sub-genres (such as 'kogal') are welcome here. Please help to promote this new community and turn it into a thriving and active place :) Feel free to introduce yourself, post pictures etc. Images larger than 400 pixels wide should be placed under a cut as the layout will not maintain it’s shape if larger images are posted (also better for those who have slow connections ^_^).

There are very few rules here, just be courteous to others and have fun!

If you are new here you may wish to include the following in your introduction (of course you may omit anything you do not wish to include):

Favourite school uniform style:
Favourite school uniform item:


What first interested you in Japanese school uniform?
Are you a cosplayer? If so what (if any) school uniform wearing characters have you cosplayed?
What type of school/school style uniforms do you own?
Anything else you'd like to add? - Tell us a little more about yourself :D

Where to buy
check this post from the memories of this community:
Where to buy authentic seifuku in japan