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Ohhey Gaiz! [Feb. 20th, 2012|05:57 am]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!


Name: Sabrina
Age: 22 (just turned today! ^^!)
Gender: Female
Location: US (NYS)
Favourite school uniform style: Cardigan + ribbon + pleated skirt
Favourite school uniform item: Cardigan and ribbon!


What first interested you in Japanese school uniform?
Well for starters, I'm a huge believer in public school uniforms, even before my seifuku obsession started. I honestly can't remember what got me into them, it's been so long!

Are you a cosplayer? Yes, although my seifuku came directly from Japan.

What type of school/school style uniforms do you own?
I own a pleated skirt, blouse, cardigan vest, ribbon, knee high socks, shoes from Haruta, and a school bag (I hope to get a leather one soon!)

[User Picture]From: ninomisakura
2012-02-20 04:30 pm (UTC)


Welcome to the comm Sabrina!
And Happy Bday!!!

I am saving up for the leather school bag too! xD They look so cool!

If you have any pix of you in the uniform, dont be shy and post it here! You can have a look in the history of this comm on other´s photos for inspiration.
Have a good stay <3
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