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Selling a Candy Sugar Bag Set! [May. 14th, 2012|06:24 pm]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

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4L Bodyline sailor top for sale! [May. 4th, 2012|02:27 pm]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!


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Discussion? Seifuku is just for children? [Apr. 22nd, 2012|03:48 pm]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

Konnichi'wa and Hajimemashite, ladies! 

I used to be a member, but then life got in the way and I was forced to leave. I'm back now though, and even though I can no longer, in my opinion, wear Seifuku, I am still interested in them^^  Many of my friends still want me to wear seifuku, so it made me think about something. 

So, that is the topic of this post: 

When do you think is too old to wear a seifuku? 

Thanks for your time! 

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DS: Korilakkuma Seifuku [Apr. 15th, 2012|02:39 pm]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

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Hallo All~ I want to sell my Korilakkuma Seifuku shirt. This seifuku is originally from Japan

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Ask: Buy [Apr. 15th, 2012|11:33 am]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

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Hallo! I'm new in this community! :D
and I want to ask, cause I'm new too in seifuku. so I want to start to buy seifuku~
i'm interest to buy uniform set of seifuku, which includes blazer, tie, shirt, and skirt.
my question is, where I can buy the blazer wiht emblem and button and what's the good brand for seifuku?
Its too hard for me to find. And are seifuku brand have lucky pack? If yes please tell me where I can buy it :D

thanks before <3~
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Introduction [Feb. 28th, 2012|02:14 pm]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

Name: Crystal
Favourite school uniform item: Knee/Thigh socks


What first interested you in Japanese school uniform? CLAMP. They create unique, pretty school outfits and love them so much.
Are you a cosplayer? If so what (if any) school uniform wearing characters have you cosplayed? Yes, I cosplay, though I have yet to do a cosplay with the uniform. I would specifically love to do Horitsuba Gakuen and CardCaptor Sakura.
What type of school/school style uniforms do you own? None, though I play to sew my own for the above.
Anything else you'd like to add? - Tell us a little more about yourself :D I also like Lolita fashion in addition to cosplay. I hope you girls would be kind enough to give me guidance about this style so I can do it well and cutely.
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seifuku pic [Feb. 21st, 2012|11:35 pm]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

This was actually taken at the mall, last Halloween, and its HORRIBLE!!! Didn't get to do my hair or anything like that! UGH its so bad! *hides in a corner*

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Ohhey Gaiz! [Feb. 20th, 2012|05:57 am]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

Name: Sabrina
Age: 22 (just turned today! ^^!)
Gender: Female
Location: US (NYS)
Favourite school uniform style: Cardigan + ribbon + pleated skirt
Favourite school uniform item: Cardigan and ribbon!


What first interested you in Japanese school uniform?
Well for starters, I'm a huge believer in public school uniforms, even before my seifuku obsession started. I honestly can't remember what got me into them, it's been so long!

Are you a cosplayer? Yes, although my seifuku came directly from Japan.

What type of school/school style uniforms do you own?
I own a pleated skirt, blouse, cardigan vest, ribbon, knee high socks, shoes from Haruta, and a school bag (I hope to get a leather one soon!)
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Candy Sugar Bags [Feb. 16th, 2012|07:55 pm]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

Update: I emailed Candy Sugar and this company is indeed legit! Their response was:

Thank you for your question mail.

Yes, They are official dealer in Singapore.
We are wholesale to them.

Thank you"

In a second email they said, "I am sorry.
Addresses below (they're referring to the eBay link here), is official dealer in Taiwan (NichiYoDo)."

So they're the official dealer in Taiwan.

Does anyone know if this ebay seller's Candy Sugar bags are legit? Page here.

I'm also curious if anyone has ever purchased the grey version of this (or a similar) bag. If so, I'd love to see pics. I'm torn on which color to get! XD
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Sailor Coats? [Jan. 30th, 2012|06:01 pm]
Japanese School Uniform Lovers!

Does anyone here know of any companies who make sailor style coats? Sechuna and Topshop have put some out in the past, but they appear to no longer be available online, and I'm having difficulty finding much on eBay or other websites. :(

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